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Guaranteed protection

Given the criteria of selection, Thanks to the high level of service provided by our partner insurers, we are able to guarantee quality, tailor-made cover for your family in Africa.

Online subscription and payment flexibility

compare, subscribe to one of our insurance offers and pay at the frequency of your choice from our web application.

Insurance = savings and zero stress

Our primary goal is to save you money with our insurance and take the stress out of your life.


How it works

You can easily compare

Click the compare button above to compare insurance offers, then choose the right health package for your loved ones.

You pay in complete security

Pay in monthly installments and in complete security using one of the many payment methods available.

Your loved ones are insured!

The beneficiary receives the CODE by SMS and is insured within 72 hours. You follow the progress from your smartphone.

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Your best insurance comparator!


Join thousands of families

Kemit & Sure is the new means by which the African diaspora can insure their love one's and family.


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What our subscribers think.

Very good project because nowadays in Africa many people die because of the lack of means even for first aid. It is necessary to have an insurance to change that. I think it will help a majority of people especially those who do not have the means if the diaspora can pay these costs.



Very interesting, considering the precarious situation of our entire continent. I'm glad you are starting in Cameroon. I'm waiting for the rest 



Good initiative, you will help to facilitate the enrolment of individuals (or families) to health insurance services. 



I hope this project will go all the way. It's great that we can have a project that promotes the health and care of our families in Cameroon. It's painful to be so far away from them and to receive bad news because of neglected medical care.



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