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From now on, take out health insurance for your loved ones back home from abroad!

Now you can compare among the best insurance offers yourself and choose the one that suits your needs and budget. In addition, we guarantee more transparency by allowing you to rate and read (verified) reviews.




A short history

It was September 2019, when our friend Patrick shared with us the unfortunate circumstances of his dad's death. A painful loss that occurred in the corridors of the general hospital in the city of Yaounde, Cameroon.

 Patrick gave us the main details that led to his father's death, he highlighted the fact that "the medical staff of the hospital did not take care of her father quickly due to lack of financial resources".

 Recalling this sad memory, he sighed and then added: "That night we made an emergency call to my brothers in Europe, but unfortunately this time they could not send us any money in time.



What comes out of this


Ignorance and in-applicability of health coverage processes


Upfront payment for medical care


The senseless and abusive loss of loved ones

This is how the project, Kemit & Sure was born. With our development and deployment objectives, we are entering the private insurance market at first sight.

The current context

In Cameroon, for example, reports in 2018 estimated a Cameroonian population of nearly 27 million compared to 5 million Cameroonian nationals in the diaspora (American, European, Asian and Australian).

This diaspora is used to qualified insurance services and knows the issues, whereas in Cameroon today, only 2 out of 100 Cameroonians have health insurance.

 In 2020, we believe that the universe and potential of digitization of services and products is a given demonstrated throughout the covid-19 crisis we are going through. We want to offer in this new technological and digital age, and to the new generation of our strong diaspora, services that are relevant to them in formats they understand.

Who are we?

An insurance comparator that offers you a comparison portal of existing insurance on the African continent.

 Our institutional culture is built on a foundation of:


  • We want to create transparency by providing a clear list of several insurance offers, including ratings and customer reviews.
  • Through our portal, we will allow our clients to be directed to the insurance company easily and in a short time.
  • We are planning to create an electronic wallet that will be used for prescriptions and the like.



 Our ambition is to set up a dashboard so that our users can :

  • Verify the status of each subscriber or group of subscribers


We carry out our actions in order to "popularising health insurance in Africa" by making our platform available to you free of charge.

What do we offer?

We allow you to compare free of charge among the best offers from insurers in Africa in general and in Cameroon in particular, and to subscribe to it for your family and your relatives. All this in a simple, optimal and transparent way, with the possibility to register from abroad.

First of all, we are focusing on the Cameroonian market and we will gradually expand to the rest of the continent through our insurance partners and their international branches.

 Together we will succeed!


Donald Mekoutchou

I grew up in Cameroon and I know the different issues of each player in the insurance business. Also, I am totally convinced that (health) insurance can save many lives in Africa. I wish to contribute to this work through Kemit & Sure by working passionately with my team to propose an innovative concept that involves taking care of our families and friends at home.


David Höglinger

Making health insurance more accessible is not just a matter of lowering the price. Their accessibility and the transparency of the services provided are much more important. As an IT specialist, I was motivated on the one hand by digitisation and the existence of a digital solution. On the other hand, I am also excited about the long-term positive influence on healthcare in our target countries.


Fabrice Simo

The pain you feel when you see those you love lose their loved ones because of the shortcomings of the medical system which to me are the basic problems. It gives you a deep desire to make a difference and improve people's lives regarding health care. Through Kemit & Sure, I want to make efficiency no longer a dream but a reality in the African medical system.



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