Terms and conditions of use

1. Preamble

These general conditions of use and sale of the service under the trade name kemitnsure.com govern exclusively the relationship between kemitnsure.com and the user of the Service. kemitnsure.com allows Users to order products or services, on the Internet, for individuals residing in Cameroon (the "Beneficiaries"). Once the payment of the order is validated, the Beneficiary is informed by kemitnsure.com through a unique confidential code communicated by SMS an appointment date. The date of appointment provided to the Beneficiary by one of our insurance partners allows the Beneficiary to sign a contract between him/her and one of the insurance partners of Kemit & Sure, a list of which is available on the website of kemitnsure.com. These general conditions of sale define the terms and conditions of an order on the site www.kemitnsure.com. The User acknowledges when placing an order via the site to have read the general conditions of sale and expressly declares to accept them without reservation and does not require a handwritten signature of this document.

2. Account opening and terms of use

The User certifies that he/she is at least 18 years old and has the legal capacity or parental authorization to open a user account with kemitnsure.com and place orders.

When creating the Account, the User communicates to kemitnsure.com his name(s), first name(s). The User also communicates a valid e-mail address, chooses a username and a password. The username and password are proof of the identity of the User and commit him/her to any order placed through them.

The user is fully and exclusively responsible for his login and password. He/she alone shall bear the consequences that may result from any use by third parties who may have had knowledge of them, unless he/she can demonstrate that the knowledge of his/her login and password by another person results from a fault on the part of Kemit & Sure. If the user forgets his password or his identifier or if he fears that a third party may have had knowledge of it, the user has a function on the site allowing him to find his identifier and choose a new password.

3. Using the Account and ordering products
  • The Account is strictly personal, and cannot be shared or exchanged with a third party.
  • Orders are collected in Euros, the legal currency in the European Monetary Union. In the event that the User does not reside in a country where the Euro is legal tender, the User will deal with the bank holding his bank account for the exchange rate that will be applied for this purpose.
  • The purchases made by the Users are made by Internet, by means of a valid bank card, a paypal account or by bank transfer.
  • For each order, the User indicates the identity (first and last name) and the mobile phone number of the Beneficiary. The User receives a confirmation of the purchase by e-mail.
  • kemitnsure.com undertakes to communicate by SMS to the Beneficiary designated by the User during the order, a unique code and a date of appointment to enter in possission of the products. In case of delays, losses, errors or omissions resulting from a breakdown in telecommunications, kemitnsure.com can not be held responsible for the non-delivery of the SMS.
  • The unique code provided by kemitnsure.com is essential to the Beneficiary and must be presented to the Partners to take possession of the products.
4. Exclusion from service

kemitnsure.com may suspend by right and immediately the use of the Service by the User or the Beneficiary in case of suspicion of fraud, attempted fraud or fraud of these persons. kemitnsure.com may suspend by right and immediately the use of the Service by the User for failure to meet any of its obligations such as failure to pay monthly amounts.

5. Personal data and control

The user must at all times ensure that the information provided by him/her is accurate and up-to-date. All boxes marked as mandatory in the registration procedure on the Site must contain valid information. Any attempt to defraud by presenting inaccurate information about the User or the Beneficiary will be communicated to the competent authorities and may lead to the immediate refusal of access to the Site and the Service.

Each user has a right of access to data concerning him collected and processed by kemitnsure.com and a right to modify and delete data concerning him. He authorizes kemitnsure.com and its partners to transmit information to the authorities in charge of regulation as required by law. The details of the User will not be disclosed to third parties, unless expressly agreed by the User

All information related to any order on kemitnsure.com is subject to data processing. The purpose of this processing is to fight against fraud of all kinds. The credit card or bank payment service providers and Kemit & Sure are the recipients of the data related to all orders. Any unpaid monthly commitment or any suspicion of fraud in the payment for any reason whatsoever automatically cancels the contract.

6. Payment methods

The payment is made by credit card, through Pay Pal, by bank transfer. In the absence of authorization of payment by credit card, the order is not made available to the user. kemitnsure.com reserves the right not to proceed with the order of a user for whom problems have already occurred. In the case of a payment by transfer, the user has a period of 7 days to send the regulation on the account of Kemit & Sure.

7. The prices

The prices indicated for the chosen offer do not include the cost of home delivery. The total price indicated in the subscription confirmation includes the price of the products.

8. Delivery and collection

Delivery times are 24 hours depending on the availability of the recipient. 

The User shall provide at the time of subscription the name and mobile phone number of the beneficiary of the order in Cameroon. This telephone number will be used to verify the identity of the Beneficiary when signing the contract or collecting the insurance card.

9. Complaints and Withdrawal

In case of complaint on the products, the User and the beneficiary have a maximum of 24 hours following the delivery to formulate precise reserves and kemitnsure.com reserves the right to analyze the validity of these and to communicate its answer to the User in the shortest delays. The User has a right of withdrawal of seven working days. The withdrawal must be made in writing and does not apply to fresh and perishable products.

10. Responsibility of kemitnsure.com

The responsibility of kemitnsure.com can be engaged only for proven facts that would be exclusively and directly attributable to him. Only direct and certain damages suffered by the User can be compensated.

kemitnsure.com acting as an intermediary can not be held liable for damages of any kind both material and immaterial or physical that could result from theft or misuse of the Site. The responsibility of kemitnsure.com can not be held liable for any risk inherent in the use of the Internet, such as suspension of service, intrusion, the presence of computer viruses or fraudulent purchases by a third party.

kemitnsure.com can not be held responsible for errors made by the User or the Beneficiary when using the Service.

kemitnsure.com puts in place the means necessary for the proper functioning of the Service. As such, the responsibility of kemitnsure.com will not be engaged in case of force majeure in the sense of German jurisprudence.

11. Responsibility of the User and the Beneficiary
  • The Beneficiary must ensure the conservation of his mobile phone and the unique code that was communicated by kemitnsure.com by SMS. The unique code transmitted by kemitnsure.com is non-transferable and strictly personal use. In case the Beneficiary would make a shared use of the mobile phone on which kemitnsure.com sends the unique code to the Beneficiary, kemitnsure.com can not be held responsible for withdrawals made by any other person using the mobile phone.
  • As long as no objection has been made to kemitnsure.com due to the loss or theft of the Beneficiary's mobile phone, the User and the Beneficiary assume the consequences of all withdrawals made.
  • The Service must be used in compliance with these general terms of use, the legislation in force and in accordance with its intended use.
  • kemitnsure.com disclaims any responsibility for any use of the Service that does not comply with these terms.
12. Formation of the contract and proof of the transaction
  • Orders are recapitulated before the User is invited to validate them. The User is then invited to "confirm the subscription"; the validation of the order by a click constitutes firm and definitive validation subject to the reservation referred to in the following paragraph.
  • Any order with the choice of payment by credit card is considered effective only when the payment centres concerned have given their agreement. In case of refusal of the said centres, the order is automatically cancelled and the User is warned by a message on the screen.
  • The computerized data, stored securely in computer systems kemitnsure.com will be considered as evidence of communications, orders and payments between the parties. They are kept within the legal time limits of commercial sales and can be produced as evidence.
13. Confirmation, preparation and formation of the contract

kemitnsure.com confirms to the User the receipt of his order by an e-mail summarizing the products ordered, the means of payment chosen, the means of provision chosen, the total bill of the service and a unique order code.

kemitnsure.com reserves the right not to accept an order, for a legitimate reason, such as a difficulty of supply of a product, a problem concerning the understanding of the order received (illegible document ...), a foreseeable problem concerning the delivery to be made (eg delivery requested in a geographical area where there are proven risks of aggression) or the abnormality of the order made on the site kemitnsure.com.

In the event that an order can not be accepted for one of the reasons mentioned above, kemitnsure.com informs the User. The transfer of risk on the User occurs at the time of provision or delivery. The information provided by the user, when taking the order, engage it: in case of error of the user in the wording of his details or those of the place of delivery, including his name, address, telephone number, email address or credit card number or payment, resulting in the loss of products, the user remains responsible for payment of lost products.

13. Financial conditions and service fees

The rates applicable by kemitnsure.com are available on the Site. These rates are subject to change. kemitnsure.com will charge the User a monthly commission for the use of the Service. This commission corresponds to 10% of the monthly price to be paid to the corresponding insurance partner.

Subject to the right of withdrawal provided in ARTICLE 9, the User gives irrevocable mandate to kemitnsure.com to credit, for his order and for his account, the account of the Partner of the amount of the order made for the Beneficiary, less any amounts owed by the Partner to kemitnsure.com, within the limit of the amount of electronic sums credited to the Account.

14. Products, availability and warranty

kemitnsure.com makes available to the user before any order all the essential characteristics of the products present in the catalogs published by kemitnsure.com and this according to the availability of stock. The legal guarantee of the products available is provided by the supplier and the manufacturer. The photographs that may accompany this description have no contractual value. The products offered by kemitnsure are intended to be made available or delivered in Cameroon.

The order is executed at the latest within 7 working days from the working day following the day the buyer placed his order. However, in case of unavailability of the product ordered, including because of our insurance partners, the User will be informed as soon as possible. In such a case, Kemit & Sure undertakes to offer the buyer a similar product at a similar price.

The beneficiary benefits from the legal guarantee of conformity and hidden defects on the products sold

15. Dispute Resolution

These conditions of online sale are subject to the Allamande law. In case of dispute or claim, the User will address in priority to kemitnsure.com for a direct conciliation of the parties. When a solution is not found one month after the complaint, competence is attributed to the competent courts.

16. Intellectual Property

The Site, the applications and all elements contained therein (information, data, sounds, images, drawings, graphics, distinctive signs, logos and trademarks) are the exclusive property of kemitnsure.com. All these elements are protected by intellectual property rights and as such, are protected against any unauthorized use by law.

It is strictly forbidden to use or reproduce the name kemitnsure.com and / or its logo, alone or in combination, for any purpose whatsoever, including advertising, without the prior written consent of kemitnsure.com.

It is also forbidden to the User to decompile or disassemble the Site, the applications, to use them for commercial purposes or to infringe in any way whatsoever the copyright and intellectual property rights of kemitnsure.com

17. Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions come into force as soon as they are put online. They govern any order placed until its withdrawal.

It is strictly forbidden to use or reproduce the name kemitnsure.com and / or its logo, alone or in combination, for any purpose whatsoever, including advertising, without the prior written consent of kemitnsure.com.

kemitnsure.com reserves the right to modify the Site, the service provided and the general conditions of use and invites the User to carefully read the general conditions of sale in force for each new order.

18. Customer Service

For any difficulty, the user or the Beneficiary can contact kemitnsure.com

  • By email : hello@kemitnsure.africa.
  • By phone or Whatsapp: +49 1514 6908477


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