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We are looking for an experienced and independent Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to join our team as a co-founder!


Set marketing goals and objectives

Design and coordinate promotional campaigns and other marketing efforts across channels (social media, media etc.)

Build a strong network of strategic partnerships

Use data and reports to make evidence-based decisions to partner closely with like-minded organizations to make health care accessible to all in Africa

Work with the CXO to implement the marketing design strategy

To guide a unified approach to customer service, distribution, etc. that meets market requirements

Plan and manage the textual content strategy

Plan and organize the brand strategy (product development, communication, etc.) and ensure that it projects the company's unique "voice


  • marketing experience
  • Be customer oriented
  • Practical experience with relationship marketing and SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Yoast SEO...
  • In-depth knowledge of big data analysis (strong understanding of market research and data analysis methods)
  • Produce and submit regular reports
  • Produce textual content (blog, newsletter, posts on social networks, product sheets, etc.)
  • Excellent communication (written and oral) in French and English and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent presentation skills

Year of creation


Be part of a young, ambitious and dynamic team.

Participate in the development of an innovative project with strong international potential.

Participate in an entrepreneurial adventure with a unique vision "To popularize health insurance in Africa

To take part in an incredible entrepreneurial and social adventure with a real mission: to send more than money to our loved ones, to guarantee their health permanently.

How to apply?

Orient yourself to the questionnaire on the right.

What documents are required?
  • A CV
  • A letter of motivation
How to send the documents?

Send your complete application to the following e-mail address

How to prepare for the interview?

No special preparation required. Be prepared to present your skills in the best possible way.


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