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According to a CIAN study, the African diasporas send nearly 10 billion euros to the continent each year. " The needs in terms of health expenditure are quite significant. They represent a good third of the total 10 billion euros "This is the view of Elie Nkamgueu, founder of Club Efficience, which promotes excellence within the Afro-European community. A view shared by Donald Mekountchou. An analysis that led him to create Kemit&sure. "The platform allows them to compare and insure themselves at a lower cost so that the family established in the country can benefit from care covered by our partner insurance companies"explains the founder and CEO of Kemit&sure.

So what is Kemit&sure?

An ambitious startup, whose main motivation is to keep everyone smiling 😃. 

But how?

Simply by offering the Cameroonian diaspora the possibility of insuring their relatives in Africa or in Cameroon in particular.

If you regularly send money to Africa to support the health of your loved ones, then our services are definitely for you! If this is not yet the case, then it would be wise to anticipate excessive expenses due to sudden illnesses.


Why take out insurance for our family in Africa?

1️⃣ Save money: yes, taking out insurance allows you to save money because a big part of the medical expenses will be covered by the insurance company.

2️⃣ Avoiding stress: You may have experienced or heard about the excessive expenses that follow when a family member has an illness (sometimes serious) and the huge stressful situation that it represents. It's usually when this kind of situation happens, that we're quite happy to have an insurance that will take care of all these financial hassles 😉. 

With Kemit&Sure you can keep your wallet and phone safe because prevention is better than cure.


What are our services?


We therefore offer the Cameroonian diaspora services with very interesting advantages:

1️⃣ Online subscription to health insurance in Cameroon.

2️⃣ Accompaniment to answer all your questions about insurance in Cameroon.

3️⃣ Comparison of insurance offers on our Web App, so that everyone can choose in full transparency a health insurance that matches their expectations(number of people to be insured, degree of coverage, reimbursement rate...) and their wallet💸.

4️⃣ Flexibility: pay the amount of the chosen insurance offer at the frequency of your choice with secure payments (prices to be paid monthly, quarterly or annually).

One last action:

Kemit&Sure needs your strength and support on the networks, so don't hesitate to follow us on Instagram by following this link: and to share this position for greater visibility.

Follow us on our journey and take advantage of the many programmes we will be organising very soon (small teaser: sponsor one of your parties financially for example)

Interested in our offers? Then contact us directly on WhatsApp: +49 1514 6908477 or take a look at our Web App by following this link:

Go ahead, it's totally free 

The Kemit&Sure team would be very grateful if you would share this message with a friend or acquaintance in need or who might be interested in our services. 

Kemit&Sure, the assurance of having less stress.

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