The assurance of having less stress!

We are in the first year of this startup!

For this purpose, we are looking for various profiles of PARTNERSHIPS.

A safe partnership to serve you and them!

Insurers in Africa...

  • You are an approved and renowned insurer located on the African continent; in particular established in Cameroon or in the sub region
  • You understand, as we do, that the African diaspora, through what we call "Healthremittance", is a lever on which to rely to improve the insurance market in Africa
  • You want to be visible on our platform
  • You have interesting offers

We are the right partner for you!

Please contact us directly by email at, by phone at +4915146908477 or via our contact form by clicking on the following button

Do you have a blog, a YouTube channel or a great social influence?

This is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those we care about. Together we can make a difference!

  • Do you have a community that might be interested in our offers?
  • You are seduced by our solution and wish to test it before talking about it?
  • Do you live in Africa, Asia, America, Australia, Europe or elsewhere?

Please let us know if you are interested by contacting us by email at, by phone at +4915146908477 or via our contact form by clicking on the following button

The medical profession

Do your job with minimum stress

  • Are you a doctor, a nurse, an African health care worker?
  • You are a hospital, a clinic, a public or private dispensary? 
  • Do you regularly experience ambiguous situations when the patient does not have the means to treat himself?

We respond directly by email to, by phone at +4915146908477 or via our contact form by clicking on the following button

Dr. Friedrich Georg Hoepfner

"This project should be supported because it solves a major problem and promotes independent social development in Africa. We are pleased to be able to make a small contribution to its success with the Latitude49 / Freiraum für Vordenker scholarship program.

Prof. Dr. Terzidis Orestis

"Mr. Donald MEKOUNTCHOU presented me with his idea of starting "Kemit & Sure". He explained the needs he wants to satisfy and the business model with which he wants to create value for all stakeholders.

This letter is intended to indicate the reliability of the approach. In any case, I can confirm that the business model aims to create mutual benefits for all stakeholders and intends to unlock new opportunities through the use of proven web technologies.

As a professor of entrepreneurship, I support Donald MEKOUNTCHOU and hope that this letter can help him to start a dialogue with companies and to found the start-up based on the valuable feedback from potential companies partners. "



Nico Hildmann, Startup Consultant CyberForum e.V. 

"As a startup consultant, I have been able to accompany Kemit&Sure to various board meetings and startup events and see their steady progress. It is really exemplary how you implement feedback immediately and constantly try to grow continuously. I wish you all the best in implementing your business idea and good luck for the future! ".

Steve Kommogne

President VKII

 "My discovery and revelation of the year 2020, as part of our "Diaspora Against Covid-19" Campaign. Kemit & Sure, this safe and innovative way to ensure the health of our loved ones in Cameroon.
I encourage the initiators of this Project to go ahead and I encourage our Diaspora to be interested in this Start-up. I am especially proud to have them as members of our VKII, the association of Cameroonian Engineers and Computer Scientists in Germany.




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